General FAQ

When does the race start?

See our Schedule page.

Is the delicious lunch buffet included?

Yes! All participants and family are welcome to enjoy the great food.

Is there a minimum Age?

Yes, our minimum age is 15-years as of December 31 of the current year. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope to see you again in the future.

Will there be a Comfort Wave?

We offer a “comfort” swim wave designed for anyone who may be somewhat nervous about the swim and would rather start in the last and smaller size wave. The comfort wave is open to anyone who wishes to enter it. Folks in the Comfort wave will still be scored and eligible for Overall Awards, but not individual Age Group awards. If you would like to be placed in this wave, email us or select it during your registration.

What is the First Timer's Division?

First Time Triathletes can enter this division if they have never competed in ANY triathlon before. Check the “First Timer” box during registration.

What is the Elite Amateur (Open Amateur) Division?

This is for REALLY FAST age group athletes. Those expecting to place TOP 10 overall. In order to race as an elite amateur, you must furnish proof of completing a USAT sanctioned sprint distance event within one year, and placing within the top-10 overall. Please send results via e-mail to the address on our Contact page. Those racing in this wave are not eligible for Age Group awards.

Can I wear a wetsuit?

Usually the water temperature is about 70 degrees, which is USAT legal for wetsuits.
Also, see here for a list of USAT approved skinsuits for ANY temperature.

When is the Awards Ceremony?

See our Schedule page.

I will not be able to attend the Awards Ceremony, can you ship my award?

You can either give your bib to a colleague for them to retrieve your Award or send a $10 check to the Skylands Triathlon at P.O. Box 5303, Clinton, NJ 08809 and we will promptly mail your award.

How do I pickup my race materials?

You can either pickup your materials Saturday from 2:00-4:00 pm at the Hunterdon County YMCA’s Round Valley Branch, 1410 Route 22 West, Annandale, NJ , or on Sunday between 6-7:30am at the Race.

How do I pickup my T-Shirt?

We’ll provide your size shirt at packet pickup.

Are bare torsos permitted during race?

Men are not required to wear shirts.

I have registered, but am not able to participate. Can I get a refund?

The race is always fun, and everyone wants to have a great race. We’re a charity, and organize this race to help our community and those in need. We have already invested substantial amounts of money on the event ahead of time (t-shirts, awards, food, tents, USAT officials, insurance, etc) and cannot offer a refund for money we have already spent on your behalf. In addition, race fees are non-transferable.

Do I need to bring my USAT card with me?

However, if you forget – there are three options:
1) From your hotel, print out your membership status from the USAT website.
2) While with our Registration official, log in to the USAT website (using your account) on your own PDA/SmartPhone, and show current membership status. We cannot guarantee you will have cell coverage at packet pickup, however.
3) Pay the USAT one-day fee, which can be applied towards future membership from USAT.

What are the most commonly violated rules?
Are iPods or MP3 players permitted?

No. See the USAT rules referenced above.

Will there be a Bike Support on-site to sell equipment and supplies?

Yes, the folks from Clinton Bicycle Shop will be on-site.

Can we remove our bikes for warmup once I've entered the transition area?

No. Bike Support will be available within the fenced-in transition area.

What times should I expect?
1st #10 #100 #200 #300
Swim 10:23 12:34 15:45 18:18 21:15
Bike 36:14 40:31 48:46 53:55 1:01:11
Run 17:56 20:17 25:15 28:46 33:31
Overall 1:08:07 1:17:36 1:35:46 1:47:26 2:02:53 Last 2:52:19
How do I sign-up as a volunteer?

To learn more about volunteering at the Skylands Triathlon or to sign-up as a volunteer click here.

Swim FAQs

Do I have to wear a swim cap?

Yes; it aids our safety personnel identify you in the water.


How long between Waves?

We start waves 4-5 minutes apart.

Are Swimming warm-ups permitted?

Yes, from 7:30-7:50 for the Olympic race and from 8:20-8:40 for the Sprint race

May I rest?

Yes, but you may not use anything (except the bottom) to gain forward progress. The average depth of water for the swim is 40ft.

If you have issues during the swim, simply raise an arm overhead and wave to any of our safety personnel. One of our many life-guards and rescue staff in kayaks and boats will come to you.

Can I wear a wet suit?

You may wear a wet suit only if the water temperature is under 78. If the water temperature is 78 through 84, you may wear a wet suit, but you will not be eligible for awards or prizes. No wet suits are allowed in water warmer than 84.

Our water temperature is usually around 70 for the race, which is wet-suit legal under USAT rules.

Do I need to be body marked?

Yes, body marking is required so our staff and safety personal can easily identify you. It’s also great to show off after the race.

Is a certain stroke required?

You may use any stroke you prefer – including floating and treading water.

Bike FAQs

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Absolutely. And it must have a CPSC sticker. Buckle your helmet anytime you are on your bike. You will be disqualified if you are on your bike without your helmet buckled anywhere on the course. If you are in transition, you will be assessed a variable time penalty.

Why do I need bar end plugs?

So you don’t give yourself or someone else a nasty biopsy. Not having openings on your bike solidly plugged is a DQ!

Do I need to wear my number?

Your bike number must not be altered and must be visibly displayed on your bike. You only need to wear your number when you are on the run.

How far to the right must I ride?

Stay as far to the right as possible, but generally about the width of a standard bike lane – about a meter. Pass on the left, then return to the right.

Can I pass on the right?

No, pass on the left. If someone is blocking you, ask (loudly!) this person to move to the right, so that you may pass.

What is the draft zone?

The draft zone is a rectangular area 7 meters long and 2 meters wide around each bike and 30 meters behind and 15 meters next to a moving motor vehicle. As a practical guide, keep 3 bike lengths between you and the biker ahead of you. You must complete your pass within 15 seconds, and once you enter the draft zone,you must exit from the front, so be confident of your pass.

If I'm passed, do I have to wait 15 seconds before I can re-pass?

No, but you must drop back completely out of the draft zone. Do not attempt to “catch up” by getting up out of the saddle, and pedaling fast. You will be called for an overtaken penalty.

Can I ride in transition?

No. You must mount and dismount outside the transition area as indicated by signage.

Can I drop my water bottle or gel packs anywhere?

No. Toss trash in a receptacle, or in the drop zone within sight of an aid station, or you may be cited for abandoned equipment.

Can I accept help?

Only accept help from race organizers or official volunteers. Accepting it from others is considered unauthorized assistance, and you may be penalized.

Can I put my bike anywhere I want?

No. Rack your bike and put all of your gear in the space race management has designated for you. Rack with your “wheel down” on the side of your assigned space.

What if I go off course?

You must re-enter the course at the same spot you left it.

Run FAQs

May I wear my head set ?

No. Head sets, radios, head phones and personal audio devices are prohibited.

Can someone pace me?

No. Pacing is illegal. You may have someone provide you with split times.

Do I have to wear a number?

Yes, you must wear your number.

May I carry my own water bottle?

Yes, but it must not be a glass container.

For more information and for the complete set of USAT Age Group Rules, please visit:
www.usatriathlon.org, click on Events, then Rules.